COVID 19 Update

Dear Camper,

We are, as you are, very concerned with the unprecedented events occurring created by the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are still planning on being open for the summer season. In the event of a government ordered closure, we will notify you.  We understand many families may be thinking of canceling their reservations due to this uncertainty. Because we have not been closed, our 90 day cancellation policy is still in effect.  We have had many calls asking that due to the unusual circumstances if we would change our policy. We are in quite a predicament with regards to cancellations. We will try to be as direct as possible.  Every year, we book almost a year in advance. We put everyone’s deposits into a bank account and don’t touch it until March. In March, we begin to get the facility ready for you, the customer, for the summer season. It is at that point, 90 days out from our first reservations that we start using the deposit monies for repairs, capitol improvements, updates and payroll. We put 15% ( the hotel industry standard) of the deposits aside for cancellation refunds. We also have maintained business interruption insurance since 2014 as a safeguard.


Fast forward to the state of affairs we are currently at. Our business interruption insurance has notified us that their interruption insurance does not cover losses due to COVID 19 and we have the potential for 100% cancellations for our short 12 week season. Simply put, we cannot process refunds to 100% of our customers at this point or any point. This is an unprecedented event that nobody could have planned for.  We are a small family owned business and we are facing bankruptcy. We are on the edge of our seats just as much as you are. We have reached out to local legislators, the Small Business Administration and our creditors. We don’t want anyone to lose money and we don’t want to lose our livelihood, our home and all that we have worked for over the last 15 years. We are working our hardest to try and figure this out and have the best outcome for everyone. 


Please have faith, please have patience, and please have empathy.  We will do our best to keep you updated. We will place updates on our website,  


Thank you, take care of your health and your loved ones.

Brett & Mica
Deer Haven Campground & Cabins